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Muddying the Waters

Is “nutrient enhanced” just a fancy way of saying dirt?
Is “nutrient enhanced” just a fancy way of saying dirt?

I want to start getting my water from Antarctica.

Mike told me that most of the water that people drink these days used to have toxins in it, and those toxins are removed through a series of intricate processes. By the time most water gets to us in bottle form or through the faucet, it has been thoroughly cleaned by very strict government standards. Untreated water can house an array of contaminants from animal dung, chemicals, dirt, pollution, etc. Honestly, all the research out there about waterborne diseases and parasites gives me the willies.

So, I’ve decided.

I want to buy a ship, sail to Antarctica, and bring back the purest water drawn from the center of a thousand year-old glacier (you know, before Agent Orange and CFC’s were invented). I told Mike that if I did that, then maybe I wouldn’t need to rely on water treatment methods such as heavy filtration or flocculation.

It can’t be that challenging to sail to Antarctica, and extract pure water from a glacier with my bare hands in sub-zero temperatures. I’m sure it will be fine. And I’m sure it will be the purest of water too. I mean, what are the chances that a wild pig came along and pooped in my glacier?

Oh, actually… hey, wait a minute…

The penguins. I forgot about the penguins!

Cute as they are, they must have pooped in my glacier at some point.

There goes that great idea.


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