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After All Is Said and Done

We all experience situations in which we are involved in numerous conversations with different people, especially during get-togethers with those we’ve just met or haven’t seen in quite some time. My husband and I find that during such soirées, pretty much everyone resorts to talking about their kids or grandkids. It’s an easy way for people to keep the conversation going by sharing something familiar and noteworthy.

Since the Silva Gang only comprises furry four-legged kids (cats and dogs, that is), we give partygoers more of a challenge when it comes to conversations. We have no children to discuss, so most of the time, we find ourselves listening to other people drone on about breastfeeding and daycare nightmares.

After a while, people will start asking us about what is going on in our lives. And, since it’s generally considered bad etiquette to ask us about whether or not we are devout church-going Christians, or whether or not we voted for Obama, we find that discussions consistently revert to safer topics such as:

1) The career.

Oh goodie! I love talking about work! Personally, I don’t think I talk about it enough during the 60 hours I spend working. I think the highlight for me this week was when I dozed off and fell out of my chair while trying to meet a deadline. What a rush!

2) The pets.

You would never guess what Fido said to me today on the way to doggie daycare. What a character that Fido! Did you know that he’s also a genius? I think he’s going to make it to Harvard!

3) The weather (which simultaneously signals the demise of the conversation).

Yes, I know, isn’t it extremely shocking that we experience sunlight everyday? And did you hear the reports about those light winds? Whoa! What an anomaly!

Is it just me, or are the questions about religion and politics looking better and better?

There would be less pressure, and discussions would be so much shorter and more interesting if everyone could just text each other at parties… am I right? Who’s with me?



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