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What’s Your Interest in Pinterest?

In a feeble attempt to understand the magical and mysterious world of Pinterest, I joined the site last week, and to-date I have zero followers. Buh-bam.

While virtually twiddling my thumbs over there, I’ve had some time to reflect on the situation, during which a couple of thoughts have occurred to me:

1)      What exactly is the purpose of Pinterest?

2)      Why doesn’t Pinterest give members at least one default friend, so no one feels insignificant? Perhaps someone like Myspace Tom, but he could be Pinterest Jim.

From what I’ve been able to gather in the past week, it appears that people pick photos that they consider pin-worthy from the internet to add to their online pin boards. The end result is a virtual collage of sorts.

The most significant thing I’ve learned from Pinterest so far (which is actually pretty awesome) is that you can soak watermelon in tequila, and then dip each slice in margarita salt for what is seemingly the most mind-blowing fruit experience.

Mmmm. Margarita watermelon.

What was I saying? Oh yeah. After a week of research, I’ve come to the conclusion that to become a dedicated pinner, you really can’t have a demanding career. By process of elimination, the majority of Pinterest users must either be disgruntled employees at Initech, full-time students, housewives, or retired members of AARP.

To my amazement, Pinterest aficionados can spend an entire day pinning photos of knitted doilies, vegan goulash recipes, and other totally random things that I would never think anyone would ever be interested in… like a macramé skirt with a jellyfish on it, for instance. Yet, for some reason, it works, and there are other people out there who get it.

As for me, right now I’d regard myself a Silva pin: a beginner with minimal Pinterest interest and no followers.

What’s your interest in Pinterest, and what type of enthusiast are you?



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