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A Typical Work Week in the Silva Household


Ninja Kitty










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Meowy Christmas!

Traci: “Aaaw! Samuel is all decorated and posing for Christmas! How cute!”


Mike: “Actually, it looks like he got into the decorations and the tree sap, and now he’s stuck to the wall.”


Traci: “Oh geez, not again.”


Happy Holidays from the Silva Gang!


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Along Came a Spider (a Really Short Story)

My husband thinks that I’m talented and could totally write children’s books.

Dysfunctional ones, of course.

Hey, it’s a start.


Once upon a time,

There was a little house in the country.


One day, Fluffy the spider dropped in to say hello.

Samuel the cat came out to welcome Fluffy.

Fluffy and Samuel quickly got acquainted.


Samuel wondered why Fluffy was such a quiet and lethargic fellow.



Samuel determined that Fluffy must have been exhausted from his long trip and fallen asleep. He obviously needed some time to rest and settle in. Samuel would come back later to play with Fluffy.


Goodnight Fluffy.



The Bloody End.


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A Little Touché Can Go a Long Way

Somehow, the conversation took a dreadful turn, and I ended up talking to my husband about botulism at the dinner table the other night (yes, I know, it wasn’t an ideal dinner conversation).

Me: “The effects of botulism wouldn’t be the same if you just touched it. You would need to eat it. It’s a systemic infection and needs to be digested.”

Mike: “I don’t think it just needs to be digested.”

Me: “Okay, I guess if you sat on it, and you had an open wound down there.”

Mike: “Lovely.”

Me: “Touché.”

Mike: “That’s not a proper use of touché.”

Me: “Touché.”

Mike: “Stop it.”

Me: “I just really like that word and want to say it.”

Mike: “But it doesn’t fit in this context. You’re forcing it.”

Me: “You can make it fit into any situation.”

Mike: “No you can’t.”

Me: “Yes you can.”

Mike: “No you can’t.”

Me: “I’m done talking.”

Mike: “Mmm hmm. Then, why are you talking about not talking?”

Me: “Touché. See, I told you it fits in every situation.”

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