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In the Great Words of Dr. Frankenstein: It’s Alime!

A few months ago, Mike and I bought a 4-foot tall lime tree from a local nursery. After we got it home and planted it, I exclaimed “Yay! Now I get to have fresh limes in a few months!” That is when Mike looked at me and laughed. He replied “I think you mean a few years, honey.”

What? Limes are going to take that long? I refused to let time stand in the way of my precious (limes, that is). Being competitive and fanatical about my goal to get fruit, I dedicated myself to watering and fertilizing that tree on a regular basis. I even went as far as to pick a bunch of foul-smelling, gag reflex-inducing, caterpillars off its branches with a pair of chopsticks. Don’t ask.

And friends, I am proud to report that after only a few months, I’m the one who’s laughing now. I took this photo last week and, *drum roll please*, IT’S ALIME! I HAVE A BABY LIME!



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