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“Nacho” Average Football Food

Example of a Perfect NachoExample of a Perfect Nacho

See, I told you we were thinking about nachos!

Football season is upon us, which brings to mind beer and snack food. Watching a football game without beer and snacks is like watching a movie without popcorn and soda: it just isn’t right. When thinking about our favorite football game foods, Mike and I agree that fries and nachos rank at the top of the list. They are all finger foods that are easily shareable, filling, and yummy.

Our disclaimer is that not all nachos are created equal. The best ones have an ideal chip-to-topping ratio. It is a failed nacho when there are too many chips and not enough cheese, sour cream and guacamole (the toppings we refer to as “the nucleus”). This type of nacho is terribly disappointing, because many times we end up picking up a lonely chip with nothing to accompany it. This leaves us choking on a bunch of dry tortilla chips. Another failed nacho has too much nucleus and not enough chips. In this instance, the nachos are messy and difficult to eat by hand.

The perfect plate of nachos is proportional: enough nucleus to enough chips. The perfect plate does not require a fork or the Heimlich maneuver. A good way to tell if it is a perfect nacho is to check if every chip has something on it. If the answer is yes, and there are no soggy chips drowning in toppings, then it is probably a good one.

Last week, while watching the opening season game between the University of Hawaii and Colorado, we asked ourselves, who doesn’t like nachos? Turns out, our buddy doesn’t like them. He went through a phase of eating nachos all the time, got burnt out, and now finds them revolting.

We say this with the best intentions, but our friend is downright nuts. Is there anyone else out there in the world who doesn’t like nachos?


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