Bad Picture Frame Etiquette

Whenever friends come over to our house, they love to look at our framed pictures and photo albums. Apparently they find something alluring about viewing random moments that don’t include them.

Personally, I’m not a fan of picture frames or albums. They’re just one more thing that has to be dusted when company comes over. Unfortunately, I would feel weird telling everyone who visits my house that I hate pictures, because then I’d have to dodge the bewildered looks of “What? How can you hate pictures? Who are you?” So, I always make sure I have at least some presentable family photos up to make myself seem more normal and less serial killer-y.

The downside to having photos displayed is that when people look at them, many of them can’t just do so in silence and resist the urge to make comments. The entire photo-review process can be awkward, especially when it’s accompanied by mild criticism:

“My God, check out your uncle’s hair! He actually had some!”

“Ah, so that’s how you look with no makeup on!”

“How long ago was this photo taken? You look really young!”

Don’t people know what constitutes bad picture frame etiquette?

Check it out, people… here are ten more things that you should never say (or do) while looking at other people’s photos:

  1. “It’s amazing… you’re like the female version of your brother!”
  2. “You and your dog kinda look alike, and it’s creeping me out.”
  3. “Man, look how skinny you were in high school!”
  4. “Is that you and your new friends from fat camp?”
  5. “You know, you could have used Photoshop to clean these up a bit.”
  6. “Jesus, what is that?! I’m hoping it’s one of your pets and not a close-up of your genitals.”
  7. “And this must be the night we all threw up.”
  8. “Oh wow, you’re still friends with that guy?!”
  9. “Red solo cups and beer koozies, huh? Keepin’ it classy.”
  10. “Hey, let me see that one!” (as you eat Doritos and grab the glass picture frame with your greasy thumbs pressed up against people’s faces).

Leave us a comment below if you can think of anymore to add to the list!



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7 responses to “Bad Picture Frame Etiquette

  1. Michelle Gillies

    Spot on! Everyone is a critic when it comes to photography.

  2. I still find it hard to believe koozies were made for other types of cold beverages besides beer…Everytime I bring a soda to work, I wish I had a koozie. It just seems wrong to put a koozie around a Diet Coke. In addition, I’ll bring it to work and feel guily – like I’m doing something wrong. I’m afraid they’ll fire me.

    “You can’t have koozies at work! Save it for the weekend, drunkie!”

  3. Richard Wood

    Ugh photo critics….I don’t have a single photo displayed..just lots of artwork. Art critics are okay.
    Have you ever experienced “apartment criticism” or “home criticism” ? Some other graduate student walked in a few weeks ago and she said “Oh Richard – this does not look like a guy’s apartment.” How am I supposed to interpret that?

    • Yeah, I know. The “home decor” critics are also horrible. I would take the comment you received as a compliment, though. Normally guy’s apartments are messy and barely decorated with anything other than posters of girls and sports stuff. If your apartment is nothing like that, that’s probably a good thing! 🙂

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