Fortune Cookie Fridays: Part 1

Our first official “Fortune Cookie Fridays” post (because Fridays are even better when fortune cookies are involved). Enjoy!

If you have any ideas for “Fortune Cookie Fridays,” please let us know! We might feature you and your blog in our future posts! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend everyone!



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5 responses to “Fortune Cookie Fridays: Part 1

  1. What does that last one say?

  2. Reeeechard

    One of my friends recently found out her (now ex-) boyfriend was illiterate after 4 months of long distance dating. She always wondered why he hated text messaging 🙂

    • Really?! Wow, yeah, that totally sucks. I think it would be especially hard to be illiterate in the 21st century where everything is blogging, emailing, social networking, texting, etc. Think of all the important and informative literature of our time that the poor guy misses out on everyday! I can’t imagine what life would be like without the brilliant writing from The Bloggess and! 😉

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