Kitty Litter-ature

I’m introducing a new type of writing: it’s called kitty litter-ature. It’s where I make you read an entire blog post about me writing about… you guessed it… kitty litter. You’re welcome in advance. My apologies to those who clicked on this post in the hopes that I would be discussing the life and times of Kitty Wells, Hello Kitty, or something else entirely.

As most of you already know, cleaning the kitty litter box is like… well… cleaning the kitty litter box. It’s one of those chores that has to be done, but no one really wants to do it.

It’s also one of those chores that if left neglected, there are extremely unfavorable consequences. If my husband and I forget to clean it, there’s only so much those fragrant deodorizers can do to help out. During the course of the day, the litter can take a turn from “fresh” to “death” (a smell that I can only describe as analogous to that of potpourri floating in a sewer).

How in the world can something this cute
produce something so inherently rank?
Courtesy of

The ongoing issue that I run into with keeping the kitty litter box clean is that the cats love a clean litter box. Every time I clean it, the cats go right back in there and use it again. It’s a vicious cycle.

You gotta be kiddin’ me! I just cleaned that!
Courtesy of

It gets to the point where delusional and evil thoughts start popping into my head:

Hey, maybe they don’t really need a full bowl of food today. Maybe just half a bowl will do it. They look a little overweight.

Hey, maybe if I turn the A.C. down to 50 degrees, it will get chilly in here. They won’t want to drink as much. It does feel really hot in here, and they look a bit feverish.

Of course, I would never do it, but I swear to you, a dirty kitty litter box can push a sane person over the edge.



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7 responses to “Kitty Litter-ature

  1. I. So. Agree. Our litter box will one day be the death of me.

  2. I’m hoping that one day my cat will magically learn to use the toilet. What? It could happen….

    • Sure it could happen! I could also win the lottery! 😉 I’ve seen the tutorials on how to train a cat to use the toilet, and it seems really difficult. Probably won’t happen magically on its own. Besides, doesn’t the idea of sharing a toilet with a cat just seem odd?

  3. My kitty will poo right beside her kitty litter box, even if I JUST CLEANED IT! The vet told me to get a double box so she can do #2 in one and #1 in two. (Or something like that) Her other recommendation was to get this pheremone plug in that costs $35 and in which refills cost $20-something. Because apparently my cat is unhappy.

    A MONTH. Ridiculous. Guess who else is unhappy? I might just have to follow some of your ideas!

    • Oh man, that totally sucks! A pheremone plug?! Wow, I haven’t even heard of that before! These kitties are lucky that they’re so darn cute, or they’d be in real trouble! 😉

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