Men and Monogrammed Towels

It’s official. Men like my husband will never be the target market for monogrammed towels.

Forget aesthetics or novelty. They simply don’t appreciate the significance of a monogrammed towel. What they do care about is the functional aspects of a towel, which is why lovely monogrammed towels are regularly put back on towel racks like this:

Or this:

Or this:

Or even this:

I’m starting to think these towels were a really bad investment.



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8 responses to “Men and Monogrammed Towels

  1. I lurrrrrrrrrve this post! Cracked me up big time!

  2. Last week when my newlywed friends had people over, they had three monogrammed towels one one rack for each of their initials: CJA. It was intense.

    • Wow. Yeah, that’s a little too intense for our household! Besides, after seeing what my husband does with it, I would hate to see what my cats could do with their monogrammed towels! 😉

  3. Hilarious. least you let him use the towel. I’m often getting out fancy towels when company comes, then running around yelling “Don’t wipe your hands on the towels.”

    • Ha ha, good point Barb! If it was up to me, I’d put paper towels on the towel racks instead of these fancy, fluffy things. 😉 Nothing dries stuff better than a paper towel! Unfortunately, paper towels are neither luxurious nor environmentally friendly. Bummer!

  4. Hey, too long between posts! Get to work, gang! HF

    • Yes, thanks for noticing, and we know HF! We’ve been around sparingly the past few weeks, but we’re back! We will be getting back to reading our favorite bloggers and posting shortly! 🙂

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