If Snoopy Had Been a Cat

Peanuts would have been a very different comic strip if Snoopy had been a cat.

For starters, Snoopy’s pal Woodstock would not have been a friend—he would have been lunch. That poor bird would have been nothing but a feather sticking out of a feline’s tooth (please refer to exhibit A, because that’s what happens when you put a cat and a bird together). No cat could have resisted the urge to hunt and swallow a tempting little yellow canary.


Exhibit A:

Photo Courtesy of acartoonchristmas.com


As for Snoopy’s infamous dog house: if he had been a cat, it would have been more of a scratching post than a residence.

Snoopy would use a typewriter to type out notes on top of his dog house, and he would pretend to fly his dog house like a plane as the Red Baron.

If Snoopy had been a cat, he would have been beside himself. Most cats hate flying and costumes. A cat would not be caught dead wearing aviator goggles and a scarf, playing the role of a World War I flying ace.

The typewriter and carefully composed notes never would have worked out either. They would have been mere tools with which to sharpen claws. Typewriter ribbon = toy. Paper = toy. You get the point. Besides, Snoopy loved to start his writing with “It was a dark and stormy night…” and no cat would ever write a story about a dark and stormy night. Cats despise thunderstorms and lightning.

I suppose not all things would have been different if Snoopy had been a cat. There are a couple similarities between them.

For instance, Snoopy had conflicting loyalties to his owner, Charlie Brown, and he occasionally showed a contemptuous attitude toward him. Poor Charlie Brown dedicated much of his life to pleasing Snoopy (to no avail), and if his dog had been a cat, there would have been no difference.

Snoopy also liked to sleep on top of his house and not inside it. Cat owners know that cats never sleep in a place that is conventional or expected as well. Buy a cat a nice house, and they sleep on top of it. Or, they completely ignore it, and you find them napping in an underwear drawer. Buy a cat a comfortable condo, and you find them curled up in your decorative fruit bowl in the kitchen (remind us never to offer you any fresh fruit when you come over).


Photo Courtesy of squidoo.com/hallmark-peanuts-figurines



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9 responses to “If Snoopy Had Been a Cat

  1. Ha! As I am just a newbie to this cat ownership thing, I bought Chloe a super nice, comfy bed (in teal, nevertheless!) to sleep in when I first adopted her. Her favorite place to sleep now? On my luggage. Luggage!

    • Welcome to pet ownership! Isn’t it funny how pets love everything BUT the stuff you buy for them? Our cats love luggage too, just like your Chloe. They get all up in there as if they want to come with us. Yeah right. They are the worst travelers ever. When we have to transport them to the vet, they freak out and their shrill screams are deafening. It kinda sounds like someone is being murdered in our car… not at all fun or relaxing.

      • Chloe just mews pathetically and looks at me with sad eyes when we travel. I almost always want to turn the car around and just take her home. ALMOST!

      • I know… I’ve always wondered what we can do for our cats, so they enjoy traveling. It would be cool to take them places if they enjoyed it. I think it would be super funny to have them sitting in a booster seat, ha ha. I don’t have the heart to give them a mild sedative, though, so I wish there was something else! We need a cat whisperer to figure something out! 🙂

      • I’m sensing that job would be right up your alley!

  2. I’ve had a couple of cats that acted like dogs. Goofy and begging for petting most of the time. I loved them. Hopefully Snoopy cat would be one of the goofball animals. Interesting thought.

  3. If Jord (my dog) had been a cat, I wouldn’t have to scowl at him for not being able to understand the concept of fetch. He would have been smarter. Sigh. We have rough times together too, y’know.

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