A Little Touché Can Go a Long Way

Somehow, the conversation took a dreadful turn, and I ended up talking to my husband about botulism at the dinner table the other night (yes, I know, it wasn’t an ideal dinner conversation).

Me: “The effects of botulism wouldn’t be the same if you just touched it. You would need to eat it. It’s a systemic infection and needs to be digested.”

Mike: “I don’t think it just needs to be digested.”

Me: “Okay, I guess if you sat on it, and you had an open wound down there.”

Mike: “Lovely.”

Me: “Touché.”

Mike: “That’s not a proper use of touché.”

Me: “Touché.”

Mike: “Stop it.”

Me: “I just really like that word and want to say it.”

Mike: “But it doesn’t fit in this context. You’re forcing it.”

Me: “You can make it fit into any situation.”

Mike: “No you can’t.”

Me: “Yes you can.”

Mike: “No you can’t.”

Me: “I’m done talking.”

Mike: “Mmm hmm. Then, why are you talking about not talking?”

Me: “Touché. See, I told you it fits in every situation.”


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