Not Your Average Cat

Our kitty is not the common, typical house cat. Nope. Our kitty is a genius and super unique. He is also obedient and can be trained, just like our dogs. It’s amazing. A miracle, really.

“Samuel, get off the table.”

“Samuel, don’t touch the plants.”

“Samuel, don’t scratch the furniture.”

“Samuel, don’t bite your sister.”

We love our cat. He is such a good boy.



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4 responses to “Not Your Average Cat

  1. Heard that! Gotta love them though. 🙂

  2. Yes, I have to say… they make us laugh. And, they give us good material for the blog. So, I guess we’ll keep them around. 😉

  3. Until they destroy our favorite pair of high heels. In that case, can you make glue out of cats? KIDDING!

  4. That’s funny, my dad always used to say that. When the cats would knock something over, or ruin something, he’d say “That’s it, I’m sending you to the glue factory cat!” Luckily for them, I don’t believe the glue factory accepts live animals. 😉

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