Silva Nuggets

"Silva" NuggetA Real Silver Nugget

When we first started thinking of potential names for our blog, Mike and I brainstormed some ideas while sitting at Polli’s Mexican Restaurant on Maui. My first list consisted of names like “A Day in the Life of the Silva Gang,” “Let the Good Times Roll,” and “Live Well, Laugh Much, Wine Often.” The only problem was that none of those names seemed to have any kick, and they gave me the same thought that I get when I use extra-mild hot sauce: what’s the point?

It wasn’t until I heard Mike’s list that I realized the potential pop in the name Silva:

– “Break Out the Silva”
– “Stories with a Silva Lining”
– “Life in the Silva Ring”
– “Silva Is More Precious than Gold”
– “Silva that Can’t Be Tarnished”
– “Life… Silva Plated”
– And last but certainly not least, my personal favorite: “Silva Nuggets”

After we stopped laughing at all of these, especially “Silva Nuggets,” I blurted out “Life on a Silva Platter.” Mike, literary genius, said he liked it (probably since he knew there would be a veto on “Silva Nuggets”). We were just glad that we figured it out and were done with that task, because it was time to move on to the gigantic plate of nachos that arrived at our table.

Of course, then that got us thinking about nachos, inspiring our next blog post.



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2 responses to “Silva Nuggets

  1. Stacey

    Love your blogs!!! Cute name options too…by the way I believe Polli’s nachos are the best!! They also have the perfect wheat to corn chip ratio 🙂

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